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Along with my writing and speaking, I've offered private consulting services for about four years, ever since I left my job as an EVP of Social Media for a Top Ten PR Firm.  When I worked in PR, I counseled senior-level managers at companies like Gillette, P&G, Merck, HP, Monster and multiple startups for B2B and B2C engagements.  Most of my work involved creating marketing and PR strategies based on analyzing genuine sentiment from users in social or other channels to communicate as transparently, effectively, and profitably as possible.


I am also the founder of a non-profit Foundation called, The H(app)athon Project and have an expertise in measuring wellbeing via emerging media and economic metrics.  We have recently created a Corporate Workshop for H(app)athon you can learn more about by clicking this link if you/your organization wants to better understand the ROI for making your employees feel happier/more fulfilled at work.


I'm going to be updating this page with links to past/current clients, but wanted to post this in the meantime to let any visitors know I'm always happy to be contacted about my consulting services.  You can check out my LinkedIn profile to see the 30+ testimonials I've gotten over the years for my work.


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